Latest Work – E-Commerce Example

Latest Work – E-Commerce Example
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We often mix technologies together to make something special.  You asked for some websites just to show off what some specific technologies look like when combined, you got it.  Frequently we add e-commerce functions to WordPress.   Combine this with a custom Advanced SEO Package and your dynamite products?  You can make some magic happen.

There are several ways to add e-commerce functions to your WordPress website.  The least expensive method is to add PayPal buttons to pages and post with descriptions and images of products/services. This not a very effective way to do e-commerce.  Especially if one has more than a few items and/or any kind of decent volume the maintenance is going to be a big hassle and mistake will be more frequent.  While PayPal is a easy to use and fairly priced there are others who provide this service with benefits of their own.  We’ll help you find the right method for you.

You need more tools and functions

We got ’em:

If you can create an e-mail, you can create a new post in WordPress. What’s more impressive:

  • Posts or pages fit in exactly will match graphically with the rest of your website
  • Even puts the content in the right place in your website
  • Responsive Design – One theme looks and works great on every size device
  • An inexpensive way to get a World Class Content Management System
  • WordPress is famous for it’s Simplicity, Flexibility and Popularity
  • Media Management, Adding images or video with WordPress is easier than with any other CMS.
  • Wildly extensible
  • Mutli Language back end interface.

You need and effective and tested combination of power and easy of use with your e-commerce tools.

  • Powerful easy to use tool set
  • Greatly reduces development costs
  • One page checkout
  • Ratings enabled
  • Shipping Calculator that fits your needs
  • Comprehensive Store Management
  • Reporting – Keep track of performance
  • Coupons and campigns – it’s awesome, ask us.
  • Special Offers, discounts, product variations, taxes, social tie-ins . . . Ya, it does that

Adding e-commerce to WordPress makes a big puff of magic is what it does! Seriously, you will be amazed at how some of the recent changes in e-commerce technology and WordPress have made e-commerce easy and powerful.

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