Subcontract – Atlanta Area

Subcontract – Atlanta Area

A new Internet Marketing Division for an established Atlanta Web Development Company.

[This post is by Texx Smith himself, often posts here are created by our content department]

Web Design Example

One of the marketing web sites made for this client

Sometimes we are hired to do work for other Web Design or internet marketing firms. Often they just hire me, sometimes they want my whole staff. In this case, I’ve been hired on as a sub-contractor to start up the brand new Internet Marketing Division of a well established and successful Web Development company in the Atlanta GA area.

I worked with the business owner and revamped the companies web site to a “you based” conversion driving sales tool with a conservative, professional yet colorful web presence. I also created a new web site that specifically speaks to one of the new services. That’s the part anyone could have done. What I was brought in for was helping create this new division at this established company. Specifically I helped to define or create:

  • New products and pricing.
  • New guidelines for how to achieve success for clients web sites in the search engines.
  • Steps for Facebook marketing.
  • Guidelines for other social media marketing campaigns.
  • Protocols for local internet marketing campaigns.
  • Signals that indicate success or failure on a given campaign.
  • Software for tracking progress of internet marketing clients.
  • And so much more!

Internet marketing, web design, and SEO campaigns each have a lot of small details to manage.  This is why someone who knows what these details are and has experience managing them can be so valuable.  I enjoyed my time working on this project and still help to from time to time with certain tasks.

One of the targeted marketing websites made for this project.

Brand Separation:
Keeping our brand and the clients brands separate is always important to my clients.  This is why we aren’t mentioning the company name here on the internet.  If its important to you, please call and ask, it’s not a  secret, it’s just brand separation.

Often when working for a company in the same field as my own business there are non- disclosure agreements and /or non-compete agreements. It’s important for our clients to be able to keep a clear picture of their brand name for their clients. It’s also important that they can trust us not to swoop in and begin making sales pitches to their clients. The flip side is that I need to be able to show my work to my clients, even corporate ones that might want this type of subcontracting service for them and we also need to be able to pursue clients that aren’t already clients or prospective clients of our clients.

In the past we’ve signed some fairly draconian non-disclosure and non-compete agreements to build this trust. Some of them were so one sided that they’ve harmed my ability to do business. I’m quite prolific, but I can’t mention much of the work I’ve done in the last several years because of these agreements and I’m forbidded from pursuing any clients or even creating web sites about certain industries because of other agreements. I’m proud of honoring these agreements and will still sign new non-disclosure agreements.



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