WordPress Plugin – KillJi

WordPress Plugin – KillJi

This one is for WordPress Developers mostly.  While it’s simple and useful for anyone that manages a WordPress website, it’s value will only be apparent to those who work with code and website speed improvement etc.

A while back WordPress added an “improvement” to the way it handles emojis in it’s comment forms.  while this may be a little better than how it was in the past, it makes a mess of the code of every page, page template, post type etc that WordPress generates.  It also slows the entire website down a bit.  It does this even when emojis can’t be used in that specific template type.

There were plugins out there that fixed this but none of them were simple and fast enough for me.  Some of them in fact slowed the pages down even more than the original code and were even messier.

So I made my own plugin that fixes the problem by removing the new code and replaces it with nothing.  Emjois still work of course, just not with the new functionality, which frankly, most people don’t want anyway.  My plugin does this with 2 short lines of code so the speed difference is very nice and there only impact on the actual code viewing of live pages is the removal of the messy portion, not a replacement with a new mess like wtih son plugins.

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