Parallax Nightclub Website

Parallax Nightclub Website

A new website for a hip night club in downtown Chicago. Responsive design and lots of photos. The client wanted to to be easy for him and/or his staff to be able to update the website at their convenience and they wanted the website to look okay if they didn’t update it at all. So I built a website on the WordPress foundation and set up some some users with less permissions than the owner for his staff to make update Brandos_Desktopwithout breaking anything.

Parallax?  What’s that?

When web designers say “parallax” they are talking about layering sections of a page with images that give a feeling of depth, or 3D as the user scrolls down the page.  It’s kinda awesome actually.

If a physicist mentions the word parallax and time travel and machine… well, don’t let him because that’s a whole other issue! But us in the we design industry, Parallax is an awesome way to modernize the look of a website. Depending on the size and color differences in the parallax sections it can be subtle or obvious. The amount of different background and foreground images effect the loading speed and the performance speed is influences by which scripting method you use. slowed web pages hardly ever result from use of the parallax effect itself or even in combination with most modern scripting you’ll find on a webpage nowadays, like a menu and/or tracking scripts.

We could talk about this all but to see it you should just visit the website, as my screen capture can’t really capture the animation.
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