Beautiful Landing Pages Free WordPress Theme Debut

Beautiful Landing Pages Free WordPress Theme Debut

Holy moly that title is a mouthful!  Let’s rephrase it:  I’m debuting a new free WordPress Theme.  It’s titled Beautiful Landing Pages.  I’m planning several more editions each having something new but all with a common core.  But before we get into why that matters, let’s talk about what this theme actually does…

BLP-WildGrain_298x150The Beautiful Landing Pages WordPress theme has a history.  It’s the WordPress branch of the Coming Soon Responsive Landing Page Project.   That project has been around for a while.  It was intended to help Web Designers easily and quickly make full screen video (or full screen image) background landing pages.  When I first created that project on github, the methodology for making pages like that was actually pretty unknown to a lot of people.  It’s pretty commonplace now though.  So . . .

Then next logical step was to bring it to WordPress.  So I built a WordPress theme, from scratch, that focused on being future proof (even in WordPress!) and making it really easy for WordPress webmasters with no coding skills to make some really impressive landing pages.  Here’s some of the features currently included and some of what will be in future versions:

  • Gutenberg Compatible!
  • Video Background landing page “Post type” template
  • Image background landing page post type template
  • Royalty Free videos and images to use for these landing pages!
  • NO LIMITS on what kind of content you put into the content area? Text, forms, images etc, no problem
  • Free Tech Support
  • More Videos
  • More Images
  • More pre-made templates
  • Features like a count down timer, youtube video capability, curtain sign up modals etc. like
  • A well developed knowledge base

Please check it out at  the Beautiful Landing Pages Website that I made just for this theme.

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